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5 Tips on How to Get Your Dream Wedding Photographer


There are so many photographers out there, how do you sort through them all? Shanell from Shanell Photography is here to share her expert advice with you!
Your wedding day comes and goes so fast, making sure you pick the right person to capture the day is crucial.  Between the beautiful flowers, the gorgeous dress, and the special moments shared together, you want to cherish and remember this day for years to come.
Here are five tips to help you find a wedding photographer:
1.  Photography Style:  There are many variations of photographers and styles. It is important to take some time and research different styles that represent you as couple.  No two photographers are alike and after researching you will most likely gravitate towards a specific style.  
Here are some photography styles to help you get started. Photography consist of; traditional, classic, dramatic, lifestyle, fine art, hybrid, documentary, and photojournalistic. Some of these styles blend into each other however each photographer has their own variation of style. Traditional photographers will have more posed looks. Most styles can be considered classic as long as they maintain a balance of traditional and lifestyle type images. Documentary and journalistic style photographers hardly ask to pose you and just simply capture the day as it unfolds. Lifestyle photographers can be similar to journalistic photographers however they tend to take posed images more and keep details refined. Fine art or hybrid photographers are film inspired and may incorporate digital photos.
2. Determining a Budget: Photographers can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars! When deciding on a budget, keep in mind that the more experience and nicer equipment the photographer has to offer, the more the services will be on the higher end of cost. Pricing is typically negotiable but quality is not! Find a price that works within your overall wedding budget and compare with others. Make sure you ask for all of their packaged pricing. 
3. Ask for Referrals:  Ask friends, family, and peers how they liked their own photographers or  some they’ve seen at other weddings / events. Look at reviews online and feel open to ask the photographer about any negative ones you’ve read.  Vendor referrals can be offered by a wedding planner as well if you’ve decided to hire one.  Wedding planners may have a good rapport with other professionals in the business and can potentially offer package deals. Getting other people’s experience will help ensure you find the perfect photographer to match your style and your budget.
 4. Meet in Person:  Schedule a time to meet the photographer to make sure your personalities will work well together. Remember this person will be by your side the entire wedding day.  Ask them for a contract so there will be no surprises when it comes to the wedding session and cost. 
5. Photographer Background: Try to hire a photographer who is insured and full time. This is important because a photographer who is full time and insured will have more time to dedicate to their career and will most likely be continuing their photography education learning the newest technology. 
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